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GDI Technology Gets Added To The Kia Optima’s Engine

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(SOUTH AFRICA), 20 March 2013. Since its launch to the South African public in April 2012, Kia’s dramatic and eye-catching Optima midsize sedan has played an important role in building the Kia brand locally and has positioned itself as a vehicle that visually stands out from everything else in the D-segment. The Optima was originally launched with a Theta II 2.4 MPI CVVT petrol engine, delivering impressive power and performance. For 2013, the engine on the Optima has been upgraded to an improved, naturally aspirated Theta II 2.4 GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) Dual-CVVT (Continous Variable Valve Timing) engine. Power figures on the Optima increase by 16kW from 132kW@6000 rpm to 148kW@6300 rpm, while torque increases by 19Nm from 231Nm@4000 rpm to 250Nm@4250 rpm.

The two main differences on the new model include GDi technology, where petrol is injected directly into the cylinders as well as the upgrade from CVVT to Dual CVVT, both resulting in a significant increase of power and and an improved overal driving experience.

A serious limitation of conventional fuel injection is that, as engine revolutions increase, the valve opening and closing times get progressively shorter, thus reducing the time available to inject fuel. The GDI technology on the Optima positions the fuel injector in the most optimal location – directly inside the combustion chamber to offer unparalleled precision. With this shorter and more direct path, far greater control is attained over the combustion process: A high pressure fuel pump injects the fuel in precise amounts and intervals. Compared to a conventional engine of the same displacement, GDI delivers 8 percent more torque at low engine rpms and 10 percent more torque at the high-end for better take-off and overtaking performance.

Further performance gains on the Optima were made possible by incorporating Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) which improves engine breathing on the intake and exhaust sides for better fuel economy and lower emissions. Depending on engine load and speed, CVVT can extend or shorten the duration of the valve opening and closing for more power and lower emissions. The CVVT system is run by a new steel chain with an innovative roller and tooth designed for silent operation and durability.

“We are excited about the new GDi engine technology coming into the Kia line-up, and the Optima is the first model to take advantage of this”, comments David Sieff, National Marketing Manager, Kia Motors South Africa. “The new GDi engine will provide the Optima with extra power and torque that will more closely match the chassis and driving dynamics of the vehicle.”

The Kia Optima is available in one derivative only, with the specification level and trim unchanged from the previous model.

To further highlight Kia Motors South Africa’s confidence in its products, the warranty period on the Optima has also been extended by 50 000 kilometers to 5-years or 150 000 km. The standard 5-year, 90 000 km service plan and roadside assistance remain in place.

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